Forgiven For His Name


I am writing to you, little children, because your sins are forgiven for his name’s sake. 1 John 2:12

Father, I am thankful that my sins are forgiven–sins of worry, doubt, quick anger, frustration with others, lust, dissatisfaction and pride–for the sake of YOUR name, and not my own. If I was forgiven for the sake of my own name, there would have to be some redeeming value beneath all of the depravity, some ounce of goodness that I bring to the table with which to barter for forgiveness of all the sin that has shrouded it from view. “Please forgive me for the sake of the goodness below my rottenness, for the sake of who you know I’ll become some day if I just keep working at being disciplined, for the sake of all the good I did before I became this selfish person that I now see in the mirror.” All of these are inadequate, Father, and only encourage the pride that lingers in my heart. My self-seeking heart wants those other scenarios to be the situation of my forgiveness, because they shelter me from being entirely culpable and entirely in need of the forgiveness you offer. My heart wants some merit to stand on instead of your flood of grace that rips away all potential for me paying part of the tab because I have no credit to my name. I am forgiven for YOUR name’s sake. Your forgiveness is not just good, not just a kind gesture towards an OK guy who needs a helping hand–it is rescue.

Forgive me daily for the sake of your perfect name.

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