• Marriage Tastes Like Forever
    Does marriage really matter? What’s the point? Why all the pageantry of a wedding? Why the formality? Why the travel from near and far to behold this event; why the expense? Does marriage really matter when marriages rarely remain intact, and relationships have digressed into come-and-go with no strings attached? Isn’t marriage inconsequential in light of current observations of love and loss?
  • Dear White Church, Enter In and Grieve.
    Dear White Church, Please hear me out. Please read to the end, and hear my heart. I’m your brother in Christ. I love you. I’m for you. You carry my blood in your veins and you worship my Savior. We are brothers and sisters, you and I. In this genuine, heart-felt spirit of affection, and … Continue reading Dear White Church, Enter In and Grieve.
  • The Bible & “White Supremacy”
    About three weeks ago, while I was off the grid for a few days in the hills of Kentucky, a contingency of white nationalist, neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan members were marching across the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville chanting phrases of white supremacy and carrying lit torches in their hands. I … Continue reading The Bible & “White Supremacy”