Appointed: The Priority of the Church as Cross-Cultural Family

Why are multiple cultures represented in the Christian Church? Why does Christianity actively draw together a cross-cultural family? Doesn’t Christianity destroy cultural heritage? Luke pens Acts 21:1-22:29, the narrative of the Apostle Paul’s arrest and consequent address to the angry mob which accused him, to emphasize the deconstructive intent of the Gospel to human division along cultural and ethnic lines. Cross-cultural family lies at the heart of the appointed Mission of God to bring about the greatest display of His glory.

The goal is not to achieve a crayon box leadership. The goal is not to take photos of token skin tones in our midst so that we can falsely advertise our multicultural savvy. Our burning passion is to proclaim the reversal of Babel, the deathblow of the sin curse on a divided humanity, the restoration of all things under a single unifying, pre-eminent unifier of the riven universe. We are about the matchless glory of God which obliterates human blockades, draws together unfamily, and permeates the globe with the glad praises of One King who rules us all, and whose one blood has ransomed us all, and whose one Spirit indwells us all. We will be one blended family because God will be most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him and we are most unified in Him. And we will be one cross-cultural family because it will bring us greater joy.