Why CraigPriestley.com?

Why does this space exist on the web? Why is my name a website? Am I battling with egotistical aspirations of grandeur? Am I attempting to brand myself?

I will cautiously answer that question with a humble admission that I will forever not (in this life) be above the grasp of arrogance or the claws of pride. I’ll likely not live as humbly as is healthy until all vestiges of my self-righteousness, self-thought, and self-preservation are removed by Jesus.

But that being said–and, warily so–no, I have not chosen to name this site after myself to build a brand. I do not consider myself notable or deserving of “a following,” and I sincerely doubt this site will ever gain a ton of hits or raise awareness of who I am, though I’d be quite happy if God-awareness spiked as a result. I’m very satisfied with my non-trending, non-viral, anonymity. 🙂

But I’ve repeatedly discovered the difficulty of sharing a WordPress site address with a person. The experience usually includes me repeating the ridiculously long and confusing URL two or three times, and ends with both of us more confused than before he or she asked.

So this site now exists for those of you who are friends, supporters, and family who shared with me your desire to read what I’ve written, or be impacted by what’s impacted me as I’ve studied the Scriptures, or donate to my work as I serve as a partially donor-supported Director of Operations for a church planting network. And all you have to remember to get here is my name. As long as you spell it right. 😀

Treasuring Christ Together Network

Craig serves as the Director of Operations for the Treasuring Christ Together Network, a partnership of churches committed to spreading a passion for the supremacy of God through church planting. TCTN began at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis under the pastoral ministry of John Piper.


Legacy Christian Fellowship

In 2016, Craig launched Legacy Humboldt Park, which became one of many churches which comprise Legacy Christian Fellowship, a multiplying house church movement in Chicago. Legacy is a Christ-centered, biblically-based, missionally-minded caring community committed to making disciples in the city. The leadership of Legacy Humboldt Park was then transitioned to Erick Correa before the Priestleys departed Chicago in 2019.

The Priestleys

Craig met his best friend Elizabeth in fourth grade, and they were married 14 years later. They have three children: Elijah, Anna, and Daniel. Craig worked in a Chicago manufacturing plant in the west suburbs for one year and as a manager in the nuclear energy industry in Chicago’s downtown for 9 years. He received a M.Div. from Moody Theological Seminary. Elizabeth has her Masters in Biblical Counseling from Trinity Seminary, Newburgh, IN.

Craig served as a pastor/elder and Elizabeth served as a staff counselor in a church on the northwest side of the city for five years before moving to the west side of Humboldt Park to plant a church in their home. They are impassioned by one, redeemed church family made up of multiple ethnicities, ages, and economic statuses sharing their lives and joy in Jesus as they connect God’s Word deeply to every aspect of one another’s lives.

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