Praying Our Guilt in the Face of Imminent Ruin

How do you pray about the messes you’ve made?

Craig Priestley | Praying Our Guilt in the Face of Imminent Ruin from Treasuring Christ Church on Vimeo.

What is our hope in the face of imminent ruin?
Our only hope in the face of imminent ruin is the limitless, unmerited mercy and wise counsel of our self-existent God.

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God, you must grant me wisdom and remember your legacy or I am undone!

Without you, God, I am shamed and without hope or direction.

“The best and most powerful means for resisting temptation is to allow the memory of God’s faithfulness to prevail in your mind.” [1]

God, make us know the path of righteousness and treat us according to your legacy instead of our own.

God, for the sake of your name, pardon my great sin!

Beg the King for pardon on account of his Name.

We are sin junkies holding cardboard signs saying “Will work for God’s favor,” spending our days hiding our secret sin behind masks of self-salvation strategy. “I’ll try harder and overcome this; I’ve got this one; nobody else needs to know about this.” God is calling us to beg him for forgiveness on account of his name–his righteousness–and not our own.

“To suppose mercy without supposing misery, or pity without calamity, is a contradiction: therefore men cannot look upon themselves as proper objects of mercy, unless they first know themselves to be miserable; and so, unless this be the case, it is impossible that they should come to God for mercy. They must be sensible that they are the children of wrath; that the law is against them, and that they are exposed to the curse of it: that the wrath of God abideth on them; and that he is angry with them every day while they are under the guilt of sin. They must be sensible that it is a very dreadful thing to be the object of the wrath of God; that it is a very awful thing to have him for their enemy; and that they cannot bear his wrath. They must he sensible that the guilt of sin makes them miserable creatures, whatever temporal enjoyments they have; that they can be no other than miserable, undone creatures, so long as God is angry with them; that they are without strength, and must perish, and that eternally, unless God help them. They must see that their case is utterly desperate, for any thing that any one else can do for them; that they hang over the pit of eternal misery; and that they must necessarily drop into it, if God have not mercy on them.” [2]

The construct of salvation is bound up in this sure goal: to glorify a self-existent God who acts in mercy on undeserving sinners for the glory of His own name.

God does not save moral men. God does not save religious men. God saves sinners.

God, see me and deliver me from this ruin!

Pray your distresses and then pray for others.

Praying this psalm leads you out of your world of sin, out of your fear and guilt. It leads you out of yourself and to the Lord’s mercy and grace for you.

End Notes
[1] Calvin, John. John Calvin Commentary. Psalm 25.
[2] Edwards, Jonathan. Pardon for the Greatest Sinners. Bible Bulletin Board,

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