News of Regeneration

“I don’t know if I’m ready to meet God or not…”

“I don’t know if I’m ready to meet God or not…” I was playing two-hand touch football with some neighborhood kids when God brought a lady and her uncertainties to me. I grabbed my Bible, and we discussed the good news of God’s wrath against our sin being absorbed by Jesus on the cross. She admitted her sin, but then hesitated and ended the conversation before I could encourage her to believe on Christ for forgiveness. Will she meet a Christian who will continue the conversation tomorrow? Next month? Next year? I’ll possibly never know. But the joy of sharing good news of grace outweighs these unanswered questions.

Elizabeth and I have been enjoying a good season these past two months of both being encouraged by others and offering encouragement as we share the implications of the Gospel with one another. The Gospel is not good news solely to unbelievers; it is the source of transformative power in our lives as believers as well. Our identity as former enemies of God who have become adopted children changes everything. Returning to this reality daily alters how we view our fears, anger, worry, and jealous motives. The Gospel—Son of God slain for the self-sufficient glory hounds like you and me, and rising to bring us to life in God—permeates every facet of our lives. There remains no untouched thought, emotion, or desire.

Our small group of 15 believers from our church meets every Sunday evening to share a meal in our living room and discuss the Bible. We are developing together our experience of the church as family on mission, and we regularly spend time together throughout the week as well, encouraging one another and learning how to apply the “one another” passages found throughout the New Testament. We are one family, made up of multiple families, who all share in common the blood of Jesus.

Craig spent several days in the West and South Sides of Chicago again in late September, meeting with various planters and pastors, and hanging out in neighborhoods on our short list of prospective communities for a new church. We are now focusing in on the Far West Side. There are many, many remaining questions to answer as we narrow our focus, so we ask for continued prayer for clarity of thought, and an honest balance between passion for difficult places and sensitivity to what God has for our family.

Thank you, all of you, for your prayer and your financial support. To date, we have received 35% of our requested support for the year. If you desire to join our financial support team, please take just a minute and send a request for information using the online form on our blog here:

How can you continue to pray?

  • Pray for a tenacious clinging to the grace of God as our only motivation for this work.
  • Pray for additional relational and financial partnerships.
  • Pray for growing love, appreciation and wisdom towards our final destination neighborhood.


Craig, Elizabeth, Elijah, and Anna

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